Ultimate Double Whopper Assignments

I feel as though I am essentially swimming in assessment at the moment. Shout out to the Australian Curriculum, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, and people who actually take the time to post semi-embarrassing (but super duper useful) videos to YouTube with ideas for classroom learning activities and projects. Stay Golden, Chelsea. Advertisements


Hello boys and girls. Who knew that WordPress wasn’t the only blogging site in the history of the internet!? Hopefully all of us by now. I want to share two ICT “thingy’s” that I will be mentioning in my unit plan for a university assessment piece. One of them is called Kid Blog. The other one is … More Blogland

As philosopher(s) Van Halen once said…

Evening Bloggers and Jelly-bloggers. Since y’all are in the foggy mist of assessment and prac preparation and “there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but the fridge light at 3am after I ALMOST finish typing my giant, endless, really-much-trickier-than-I-expected essay and now require sustenance before I crash on the couch for 2 … More As philosopher(s) Van Halen once said…

PE does not stand for Pollywaffle Elephant.

In fact. Nothing stands for “pollywaffle elephant”. I found a little website which made me feel a little more calm about… PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. It’s really not a very practical experience at all. Without fail thus far in my university career, prac time is stress time. Much planning, little sleep, night shift at my part time … More PE does not stand for Pollywaffle Elephant.

Mojo Dojo

As previously discussed… during the semester I have made greater attempts to seek the wisdom of those who have blazed the trail before me onto a career in education.  I love receiving snippets of advice or ideas that are completely new to me – it feels like opening a gift you didn’t expect. However, it … More Mojo Dojo

Snippet of inspo…

Through expanding my personal learning network and making a diligent effort to reach out to teachers of various background both in my circle of friends, and beyond, I have managed to gain a much deeper insight into what the future might hold for my teaching career. Some simple, but useful pieces of advice I have … More Snippet of inspo…

Give me an M…! Give me an O…! Give me a coffee.

I always find it particularly difficult to crank myself back into action after the mid-semester break. I return feeling lazy and burnt out from too many late sleeps and lack of diligence in studying over the miniature holiday! In light of that, I am dedicating this post to a few online pages I found which … More Give me an M…! Give me an O…! Give me a coffee.