A belated Day 1

Good Evening bloggers and jellybeans…

The world of the web log leaves me in a state of true frazzle*. While I have always been an avid fan of the written word and an amateur writer (of sorts), I take part in such by methods of a typical “old soul” through the use of pen and paper. Utter confusion strikes when browsing themes for customization and the format of my (thus far) un-attempted posts.

In light of such bewilderment, I heartily beg your patience with my standard of eloquence in expressing my educational journey. It is with “frazzled” digits that I type and commence my first day officially returning to the real world of study…On day three. To the university subject which has enforced my exploration into the uncharted land of blog, let us earnestly hope my reflection at the conclusion of this semester is riddled with a standard of excellence in all things related to the digital technologies.

Stay golden*

Chelsea Belle

Google gave it a definition

*Or whatever color you desire!