Inevitable Introductory Rant

Salutations comrades,

I thought I would take a few scribbles to share a quick introduction about myself and my stale relationship with technology which I have also posted on the university site for my dear peers!

My name is Chelsea Dargusch, I enjoy chocolate cake and long walks on the beach. I’m currently in my third year of studying full-time to become a Primary School Teacher, which has been my career ambition since I could talk. Through studying on-campus at Springfield I have had the privilege of connecting with many inspiring peers and mentors. Commencing a blog has been equal parts stressful and exciting for me, the following image denotes my relationship with technology…



The image depicts Scrat looking very uncertain about whether or not this is the button he should be pushing…what will happen if I do this? Am I in the correct location? Will I survive? Who is going to save me now? I want to have a crack, but I also want to live to see another acorn.

In summary, Scrat is me if you simply replace the word “acorn” with “episode of Rake”.

Stay Golden.


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