No Additives

Good Afternoon readers,

Let’s just say if I ever plucked up enough commitment to make my relationship with ICT official, it would be one that required self-help books and complimentary mentos in a counsellor’s office. Frankly I am intimidated by the unpredictable habits of the digital world, and its frustrating ability to glitch when you most need it. However… moodle book, by moodle book, as I continually engage in the tasks associated with developing my skills and broadening my understandings, I am beginning to see that ICT isn’t so scary after all.

In my experience prior to engaging with this course, I always saw ICT in the classroom as an additive to learning. I witnessed it on practical experience tossed frequently into the “sometimes” box and more often the “reward only” box by teachers who undoubtedly felt they had too little time and experience with technology to take advantage of its power in the classroom. That could have been me. Research has altered my views and I now view ICT in the classroom as a means of delivery, not merely an additive to other general classroom learning. This article assists my attempts to explain my refreshed opinion. As teachers in the modern world, we must work hard to reach comfortability and confidence with the fact that ICT needs to be utilised as an embedded learning tool, not an “additive” not a “sometimes”.

I think it’s time to make this relationship official

Stay Golden,



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