Unaddressed Ethics, Accidental Infringements

Greetings fellow citizens,

It has caught my startled attention and that of many peers who are also participants of the ICT and Pedagogy course that copyright is a very real and serious component to the online journey of blogging. Upon learning about the ethical use of images online in a university tutorial, I was embarrassed to have to quickly adjust a previous blog post which displayed an image that was (unbeknownst to me), unavailable for non-commercial reuse.

Many others in my position have also written on the topic, including Ashleigh in her post entitled “Oblivious to Copyright Laws”. In her post, Ashleigh connected readers with a link to a beginners guide to copyright, which I found helpful in building my understanding. It has certainly been a relief to find others who were on a similar page of cluelessness as me. The University of Sydney provides a webpage which explains a detailed guide to copyright for students, you can check it out here and perhaps it will leave you just as concerned as I was for anything that I have ever not correctly referenced in the past.

Stay Golden*…and don’t forget to acknowledge original creators.


*Derived and adapted from this scene… from this movie… from this book.


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