On that note…


I thought a little bit further on the topic of learning theory and how it relates to ICT, then undertook some quick research, discovering this website which provides really great insight into various learning theories (extending WAY beyond visual, audio and kinaesthetic). I then started to ponder on the topic of what sort of a learner I am…

Throughout my schooling career, it seemed that every test I took to determine how best I learn returned saying that I was an equal mixture of auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic. This frustrated me endlessly… The auditory learners knew they had to listen and they studied with music and speech. The kinaesthetic experimented, got involved, used their hands, had a go. The visual learners mapped it out on paper, on white boards, wrote dot points, read to their visual hearts content. Meanwhile, I was listening to the teacher, scribbling out a concept map of what she was saying and notoriously tapping my fingers or shaking my leg. Confusion had the best of me until one particularly inspiring teacher of mine taught me how to take advantage of it. They showed me how to channel each of my learning styles and maximise my information intake.

I have come to learn that ICT truly appeals to these three common styles of learning (among the more in-depth learning theories). A very detailed text which taps into GREAT detail about how ICT supports, appeals to, and enhances all learning styles can be read here.

Stay golden, or auditory, or visual, or kinaesthetic – or all four, like me!



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