Stylish Learning

Hi Boys and Girls,

Throughout my continuing journey toward becoming a real-life, fully-fledged* classroom teacher I have genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed learning about various learning theories and learning styles. To me, such theories are complex and inspiring. I have an overarching itch when I meet students on practical experience to get to know their favoured learning style and figure out how best I can approach it.

Socrates once (or twice, probably) said I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think. Well wise philosopher, I think you are spot-on. I view my challenge as uncovering how an individual students mind is sparked, and working through that avenue to encourage their thought processes. I like to think this is a starting point toward catering to diversity in the classroom and differentiation to achieve equity for students in their learning environment.

My clever peer, Charlotte has addressed learning styles in her blog post titled Optimum Learning Styles which you can view here.

What’s your optimal learning style? Take a test here to find out.

Stay Golden,


*Is anyone ever really fully-fledged at anything?? I believe the journey is never ending…


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