Tipping the Scales to Pro-ICT

Good Evening to my splendid four followers,

In light of my previous spiel regarding my ever-improving relationship with ICT, I would like to address the component of our recent learning path which encouraged us to explore the concept of why we should (or shouldn’t) continually infiltrate ICT into the classroom. To answer this, I created a mind map using a website named Gliffy which is free and (coming from a predominantly non-tech-savvy lass) quite simple to use. For those of us who find it useful to visualise our thoughts, I can highly recommend trying a mind map!

Prior to arranging the information I read throughout university learning path, I wanted to arrange my own personal ideas on what I believed to be the “pros” and “cons” of using ICT in teaching. It may be useful to note that this is my perception before partaking in various course materials, and thus it is ever changing with increasing knowledge I receive through course engagement.

gliffy map

I will be interested to see the mind map I create at the end of this semester of learning!

Stay Golden,



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