All in this together…

Salutations stress heads!

Recent blog posts written by my fellow peers in education appear to present full swing assessment mode stressing out. Charlotte has indicated through her assignment efforts that she is experiencing an ICT-based lesson plan predominantly with the students using the ICT, while the teacher acts as a guide. I would certainly agree with her opinion that students need to be given opportunities to develop skills through their work and that a teacher should endeavour to inspire and challenge students in their experiences with ICT. Danny speaks strongly about the importance of significant relationships when referring to learning, advocating for the notion that every student requires a “teacher champion” to look up to.

Reading the aforementioned posts among others reminds me of why I am awake at 11:30pm scrolling through Scootle and colour-coordinating the ‘STILL to-do’ list on my whiteboard, hours before I attend the job which is funding my career pathway. It is because I believe that every child deserves to have a stable role model and positive influence who will work with them to encourage their understanding of their personal strengths and realise the potential they have directly within their unique brain for a bright future. What motivates you? Comment below! And as always…

Stay Golden,



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