Are we becoming robots?

I am brought to the conclusion of my day with my fingers nattering at the keys of my laptop, phone by my side, television humming in front of me and microwave heating up food. Can I even fathom a day without the use of digital technologies? The alarm from my phone greets me in the morning, I turn on my stereo, flick the coffee machine and check emails on my laptop. I have merely outlined the commencement and conclusion of a standard day in the life. A single post would fail to mention the myriad of ICT utilised in my work place and university setting. This article highlights the topic at hand, wherein the writer discusses that her deliberate lack of use in ICT led her to believe that digital technology (such as a smart phone) has contributed to a diminished value of our lives, and remiss enjoyment of simple important moments.

Has a stock standard day always commenced and concluded like mine? Certainly not, there has obviously been a major surge in the development of digital technologies over the past thirty years. Does this mean the aforementioned devices are making us anti-social in the modern world? Chloe discusses her view on the matter in her post entitled “Are digital technologies making us anti-social?” expressing the belief that we are in fact social in different (more) ways. In my opinion, ICT provides us with an avenue of communication akin to nothing which has previously existed; we are being more social than ever before via the consistent exchange of text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, Instagram comments, emails and the like. I don’t believe we are becoming less social, however I do believe that it is important to realise the time and place for committed face-to-face interaction and presence which doesn’t involve key-clicking or news feed scrolling. May we socialise within the palm of our hands without losing our physical presence in the moment before us.

Stay Golden,



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