Reminiscence of success!

With the bombardment of new information I have received through the first few weeks of studying ICT and Pedagogies, as well as evaluating an ICT-based lesson, it has caused me to reflect on the lessons that I have taught on previous practical experience.

The most successful lesson I have ever taught was with a composite grade two and three class of students. It was my third lesson for the prac, and the first English lesson that my mentor teacher gave to me. Throughout my schooling career (and beyond) English and literacy has always been a strong point for me. I feel that this is predominantly because I thoroughly enjoy all that it entails, I simply love reading and writing.

In this circumstance I would define success as the most enthusiastic response of participation and enjoyment from the students in the class, as well as progress in their learning and achieving a new level of understanding.

I had not yet developed very much confidence with this class, which contained a number of students with behavioural challenges, for which my mentor teacher encouraged certain methods of discipline; it was my belief that I could capture their whole-hearted attention with a fun and interactive English lesson. We commenced by reading a popular children’s story book, with the assistance of a puppet as a character from the story. The students were seeking out noun groups, and I was using every drama performance skill I ever studied in high school. It was SO much fun. They were listening, participating, laughing, and most importantly – learning! I received excellent feedback from both mentor and students. The students naturally interacted in the energetic lesson without even realising the new knowledge they had received until the lesson conclusion when we unitedly reflected.

While this lesson completed successfully, through reaching out to the students with an expressive passion for English and fast-paced involvement, I now think about how this lesson could have been further enhanced with the implementation of ICT…maybe my next class will be the lucky recipients!

Stay golden,



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