The experts say…

Good morning (ceiling) fans and friends,

It is incumbent upon me to back up previous posts about how I believe the use of ICT in the classroom is totally fantastic/excellent/a wonderful tool/however un-skilled at painting finger nails… So I would just like to dedicate this column to a few articles which contain a little bit more “legit” research backing up the big fat YES to ICT use in the primary school context.

This article demonstrates the opinion of various experts advocating for the use of ICT within the school environment with resounding exclamations that digital technologies offer the opportunity for students to go beyond the confined walls of the classroom in exciting and interesting ways. This is so true! You can be stuck in a room with a phone or a laptop while watching a virtual tour of Egypt, or communicating with a friend in Sweden, or accessing research developed by a body of people in Germany. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. Students take better ownership of their learning when digital technologies are utilised in learning.

This is a document written by the Queensland College of Teachers and it contains a plethora of research pertaining to the diverse uses of ICT in Australian schools, and evidence which demonstrates the impact of ICT on student learning.

Enjoy reading… my research continues…Can’t wait to share more!

Stay golden,



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