Give me an M…! Give me an O…! Give me a coffee.

I always find it particularly difficult to crank myself back into action after the mid-semester break. I return feeling lazy and burnt out from too many late sleeps and lack of diligence in studying over the miniature holiday! In light of that, I am dedicating this post to a few online pages I found which have left me feeling ready to tackle the bulk and remainder of the current semester. I made the discovery that USQ have a social hub web page which is full of interesting reads for any university student. Within this site, I was able to locate a plethora of tips and tricks related to motivation. This article in particular struck me as it claimed to contain “the secret” to staying motivated. I’m not sure if there is one mystic secret that provides the answer to all life’s procrastination questions, however this website and this website all seem to back each other up, and in fact helped kick my brain into gear. Time to stop frolicking around online and get back to my somewhere…


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