A little rainy night reflection…

Chipping away at the mountain load of assessment we are all currently facing, as highlighted by Chloe and Amanda and Amba (and almost everyone else studying the same subject) has brought me to reflect on my progress over the past three years of studying in this degree. It is our task to construct a unit plan. To seek inspiration I waded through some old documents of assessment from my first year in the degree only to find one that I had developed for a semester of HPE. My first thought was, “fantastic! This will be a great scaffold!” until I started reading through the plan… It became quickly clear that I was a first year student with no ‘real life’ teaching experience, given the little things such as regaining class attention which (at the time) I hadn’t even considered to be a HUGE/GIANT/SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT factor in any given lesson. Kudos to my inclusion of curriculum elaborations and key learning areas though… Can’t wait until I’m a real-life teacher looking back on “that funny unit plan I developed for ICT’s back in third year”…

Stay Golden,



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