Mojo Dojo

As previously discussed… during the semester I have made greater attempts to seek the wisdom of those who have blazed the trail before me onto a career in education.  I love receiving snippets of advice or ideas that are completely new to me – it feels like opening a gift you didn’t expect. However, it is interesting to note what Abigail made mention of when questioning whether we truly put into action what we learn during the course of our studies. One brief conversation with an old school teacher of mine led me to the land of Class Dojo. This online tool is DEFINITELY something I will be using…How have I never heard of this before!? Did I skip a page in an online university pdf? Was that discussed during my loo-break in a tutorial? Class Dojo acts as a platform for teachers to communicate to parents online in a feed which a teacher is able to upload photographs and text posts for the viewing of those to whom an access password for the class account is given. Teachers are able to share photographs of what the students have been up to in their learning, posts on special achievements, upcoming events, as well as emails and private messages to parents, among other things! The website also provides a set of educational videos and resources. Check it out.

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