PE does not stand for Pollywaffle Elephant.

In fact. Nothing stands for “pollywaffle elephant”.

I found a little website which made me feel a little more calm about…

PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. It’s really not a very practical experience at all. Without fail thus far in my university career, prac time is stress time. Much planning, little sleep, night shift at my part time job, immune system plunges, the headaches arrive, tears flow. And then I look back on the time and think to myself… that experience was equal parts challenging, crazy, and fulfilling. For the amount of time, effort and stress you put into prac… you feel ten fold in accomplishment and pride when you reach the end of the little adventure. I am currently churning with excitement and nerves about what stands before me. I want to set out a couple of questions for myself to answer via blog at the conclusion…

  • Which illness did you contract this time?
  • Was the mentor teacher as scary as you thought he/she could potentially be at this point!?
  • Did you have any memorable “students ‘getting it’/gaining understanding” moments?
  • Which was your most successful lesson? Why?
  • What is something you want to improve on next time?
  • How does this prac rate against others in terms of self-improvement?
  • Please oh PLEASE share a quality embarrassing moment future Chelsea (I know you would’ve had at least 150 of them…)?
  • What was the most useful piece of advice you received?

I look forward to conquering, learning, teaching, stressing, enjoying my upcoming practical experience and I wish good luck to my peers on their journeys!

Stay Golden,



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