Snippet of inspo…

Through expanding my personal learning network and making a diligent effort to reach out to teachers of various background both in my circle of friends, and beyond, I have managed to gain a much deeper insight into what the future might hold for my teaching career. Some simple, but useful pieces of advice I have received are as follows…

“The kids feed off your energy…keep your enthusiasm about you…” …. “When you reach the door of your classroom, everything else stays outside – that speeding fine, the fight with your partner, the frustrations from the meeting that morning – you walk into that classroom as a professional role model to those students…” … “It’s the best job in the world. You’ll honestly love it…”… “It’s all about building positive relationships, it’s not you and the students, you’re all in it together, make sure they know that…” … “Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re the most stable person in some of your student’s lives…” … “You’re going to be very overwhelmed when you first start, but next minute you’ll find yourself ten years down the track – like me – and realise how much you’ve achieved…”

This collection of heroes play such an important role in shaping my attitude about teaching in all its glorious forms. I carry the motivation I gained through experience with a number of my own teachers from both Primary School and High School, the fact that I still remember all of their names and recall the impact they had on my life at the time AND now, inspires me to constantly work on my approach to this supremely important profession.

What inspires you?
Stay Golden,



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